Met Gala 2024: Welcome to the Hunger Games

Amina MWRC Blog Hunger Games Met Gala Dystopian Banner

What constitutes “enough”? The year is 2012. The Hunger Games, a dystopian post-apocalyptic movie is released, based on the book by author Suzanne Collins. In a nutshell, the story is set in Panem, a nation divided into 12 districts that compete for scarce resources and opportunity, while those living in the Capitol live extravagant lives.…

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Scottish Charity Awards: Vote for Never Allowed!

We’re excited to announce that our campaign on Extended Family Abuse is a Finalist for SCVO’s Scottish Charity Awards – but we need your help to win!

Vote for Never Allowed: Amina MWRC’s Campaign on In-Law Abuse as Scottish Charity Campaign of the Year! Voting is open until Friday, 24th May.

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Never Allowed: Ending In-law Abuse in Scotland

Never Allowed In Law Abuse in Scotland

In November we launched Never Allowed, our campaign for 16 Days of Action against gender-based violence, conducted in partnership with Syma Ahmed, BME Development Officer at Glasgow Women’s Library. The campaign drew on our research on In-Law Abuse. Throughout out research, the recurring phrase “I was Never Allowed” prompted our digital campaign, highlighting coercive control…

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Public Statement: Michaela Community School’s Prayer Ban

Amina MWRC Public Statement Michaela Community Schools Prayer Ban

19th April 2024 The High Court’s recent ruling regarding the banning of Muslim Prayer at Michaela Community Schools Trust sets a worrying precedent for Muslims in the UK. As a women’s rights organisation that focuses extensively on inclusion, empowerment  and community engagement for Muslim & BME Women in Scotland, Amina MWRC delivers training at Schools…

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Menstrual Series: Menopause and Spirituality

Amina MWRC Menopause and Spirituality International Womens Day 2024

This Blog focuses on the second of our Menstrual Health workshops – Women Embracing Change: Menopause & Spirituality. The session, held in partnership with Al-Meezan, featured Dr Sahira Dar and Ustadha Nazia Jamil as they explored the medical and spiritual sides of Menopause. As promised, we’ve compiled key information from the event for women who…

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Helpline’s Awareness Day 2024

Amina MWRC Helplines Awareness Day Banner

Today marks Helpline’s Awareness Day, created by the Helplines Partnership. As a member of Helplines Partnership, the Amina team works hard to provide a Free National helpline. Our Helpline is a confidential and free service available to all Muslim & BME Women in Scotland, Monday to Friday, 10 am – 4 pm. Our Helpline can…

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Make Your Mark: Volunteering at Amina

On 29th February 2024, our team took part in the Make Your Mark Volunteer Managers Conference in Stirling. The Make Your Mark Volunteering Campaign aims to increase the quantity and diversity of heritage volunteers in Scotland. The theme of this year’s Conference was ‘Inclusion at Every Stage’. The Conference aimed to show inclusion as the golden thread…

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The Seasons Within with Ustadha Iffet Rafeeq

Amina MWRC The Seasons Within Menstrual Wellbeing Blog Iffet Rafeeq

This year, Amina MWRC has hosted a series of Menstrual Wellbeing events in Glasgow. The Seasons Within was held in February, featuring Ustadha Iffet Rafeeq, founder of the Blue Lantern App. Our second session Women Embracing Change: Menopause & Spirituality, was our International Women’s Day event. In addition to focusing on worship, Ramadan is the…

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Amina MWRC Public Statement: Verbal Attack on Diane Abbott

In light of Frank Hester’s recent comments about Diane Abbott, Amina MWRC stands by its previous statement that the Conservative Party must hold its leaders to higher accountability, in addition to encouraging they do the same with funders and companies that receive public contracts. It is crucial for the party to resolve their tendency to…

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