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Hate Crime Awareness Work

Sometimes victims or witnesses of hate crime don’t feel comfortable reporting the incident to the police. They might be more comfortable reporting it to someone they know. Police Scotland works in partnership with a number of organisations and groups, to take reports, known as third party reporting centres.

Amina is a Third Party Reporting centre. Our staff have been trained to recognise hate crimes and help a victim or witness to submit a report to the police.

You should tell the police if you think it happened because of disability, race, religion or sexual orientation discrimination. It may even be a combination of these things. Hate Crime is wrong, it is against the law, and everyone has the right to live safely and without fear. No two individuals are ever the same – embrace individuality and help put an end to Hate crime by reporting it.

Report a hate crime by:

Amina has been involved in Hate Crime work for many years from providing training to responding to policy briefings. If you are interested in receiving training on Hate Crime, please email

If you would like Amina to come to your organisation to deliver Hate Crime training to your team, please email

View the Scottish Governments Hate Crime and Public Order Bill (Scotland) Information Note here.

View Amina’s response to the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill here.

Nationality and Borders Bill

Amina has been campaigning for the rights of Muslim and BME women which includes speaking out against inhumane policies being proposed by the government. We utilise our social media to raise awareness of issues affecting our client base, including the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Read our assessment of the impact of the Borders Bill here.


Amina has delivered a range of training packages for various organisations ranging from Hate Crime Train the Trainer training, Intersectionality in Recruitment and Retention to Culturally and Religious Sensitive Bereavement training.

We can offer bespoke packages tailored to suit your organisational needs. If this is something you would like to discuss with a member of staff, please email