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Bespoke Training

We offer training to agencies and services providing an insight into the impact of abuse on Muslim and BME women, the challenges they face in accessing services, and how services can overcome those barriers.  

The training packages we offer are:  

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Accessing Support: Challenges faced by Muslim and BME Women

This training is aimed at those working in support services and agencies. The training covers the ‘triple threat’ including Islamophobia, sexism, and racism a Muslim and BME women may face and how this may impact her confidence in approaching a service for support. We explore the challenges Muslim and BME women experience in accessing services. We explain the difficulties Muslim and BME women may face in terms of immigration and No Recourse to Public Funds. We work through case studies and discuss what services can do to become more accessible to Muslim and BME women.  

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Gender-Based Violence and its Forms

This training is for services/agencies and participants of community groups. We explore gender inequality and the different forms of VAWG with spotlights on coercive control and consent.  

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Supporting Survivors: Trauma Informed Practice

A training exploring trauma, trauma and the brain, the ‘window of tolerance’, how to support someone who has gone through gender-based violence, and grounding techniques.  

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Closed Doors: How to Safety Plan with South Asian Women

A training produced with Safe Lives, the training explores the challenges South Asian women from Scotland face leaving a partner and comparing that to the additional challenges faced by South Asian women with complicated immigration statuses leaving their abusive partner. Safety planning and risk management are discussed as well as what services can do to best support women in these circumstances.  

We are happy to work with services and agencies to create bespoke training to meet training needs. 

Beneficiaries of our training include Scottish Women’s Aid, South Lanarkshire Council, Police Scotland, Four Square, social workers, and universities across Scotland.

To discuss booking a training, please contact