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Public Statement: Islamophobia Against Councillor Soryia Siddique

Friday, 14th June 2024

Amina MWRC Public Statement Islamophobia Against Councillor Soryia Siddique

Amina MWRC stands with Councillor Dr Soryia Siddique, in response to the recent accusatory comments made against her on X. At a Council meeting last week, Councillor Siddique proposed displaying a statue in George Square of William Wilberforce, recognising his role in abolishing slavery. She received accusatory comments from media personalities, attempting to falsely associate her with a terrorist group.

As always, the current global situation disproportionately impacts Muslim & BME women, causing them to bear the brunt of hatred from the public. In difficult times, people often target individuals and communities that are already marginalised, and this situation is no exception.

Muslim women who wear the hijab (headscarf) are often unfairly targeted for hatred because their identity as Muslims is visibly clear, but it is time to change this narrative. Amina MWRC stands behind Muslim & BME Women in Scotland, giving them a platform in times of difficulty. We call on the wider community and urge fellow politicians, particularly those who are Muslim & BME, to speak up against this injustice.