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We are really pleased to have worked with Radiophrenia - with their help some of the teams at Amina MWRC contributed to a podcast that was transmitted on 24th August 2023.

Exploring Amina's services through voice and sound, listeners are invited on an audio journey through our work. From the perspectives of three teams – Helpline, Violence Against Women and Girls, and Employability, Adult Learning and Financial Inclusion – we hear how Aminals work supports and empowers vulnerable women, dismantles discriminatory sociopolitical structures, confronts cultural norms, helps to rewrite policy, challenges capitalist value systems, and amplifies the most marginalised of voices.

Recording, production and sound design by Riah Naief and Katie Revell, for Radiophrenia.

RADIOPHRENIA is a temporary art radio station broadcasting intermittently from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

Listen to our 3 podcasts created with Radiophrenia

Helpline 1

Listen to Helpline's podcast
listening time 28 minutes

"Statistics have shown that throughout the UK, Muslim and BME Women are the most marginalised portion of society. They are the women whose voices do not get heard, they have no platform, and there is a real lack of awareness about their rights, what their entitlements are... and Amina tries to really address a lot of those imbalances."


Listen to VAWG's podcast
listening time 17 minutes

"Feminism is really about fighting for equality and letting women have a voice and say in what their life is. Autonomy in their own body, autonomy in their own life, who they want to marry, who they don't want to marry, and it's about their choices."

Employability 1

Listen to Employability, Adult Learning & Financial Inclusion's podcast
listening time 13 minutes

"People putting worth on themselves as an earner and putting less worth on you if you don't go out and bring in a wage packet. But we have to remember that isn't the definition of who's worth something; worth is innate to every human person. You don't have to earn your right to be respected and treated kindly."

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"We're very proud of what we've created with you, we hope you are too and that these pieces will reach, educate and inform listeners far and wide about the incredible work that you do."
Steve Urqhart, Public Engagement Manager, Radiophrenia