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Public Statement: Michaela Community School’s Prayer Ban

19th April 2024

The High Court’s recent ruling regarding the banning of Muslim Prayer at Michaela Community Schools Trust sets a worrying precedent for Muslims in the UK.

As a women’s rights organisation that focuses extensively on inclusion, empowerment  and community engagement for Muslim & BME Women in Scotland, Amina MWRC delivers training at Schools and Universities to promote inclusion in academic settings.  

This ruling is a step backwards at a time when educational institutes are taking much needed steps to become more inclusive and welcoming of minority groups’ needs. The ruling disproportionately impacts students, with a substantial impact on practicing Muslim students, who pray five daily prayers at specific times.

Ms Katharine Birbalsingh, Headteacher of Michaela Community School, has been stated to “aggressively” promote integration. As an organisation that promotes and advocates for Muslim & BME Women’s integration in society, we argue that this is possible while maintaining an inclusive outlook.

Amina MWRC is a Women’s Rights Organisation, a Scottish Registered Charity and a Third-Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. To report an incident or for support following an Islamophobic incident, please contact us online or call our Helpline, available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm at 0808 801 0301.