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Helpline and Chat Service

The Helpline is a listening ear and signposting service for Muslim and BME women across Scotland. We run the Helpline Monday to Friday – 10am – 4pm for any Muslim-identified and BME women. It is free from mobiles and landlines and will not appear on your phone bill. All calls are strictly confidential and non-judgemental; we always deal with clients in a faith and culturally-sensitive manner.

If you need to talk to someone or have a problem and don’t know where to go the Amina Helpline can help you get started by listening to you and signpost you to organisations that may be able to offer help and advice for your problem.

The top ten reasons women call us are:

  • Family
  • Marital/Relationship
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Divorce
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Social Isolation
  • Housing
  • Agencies seeking support with signposting on behalf of their clients
  • Immigration

The helpline is funded by the Scottish Government and we have recently increased the number of volunteers, adding to the range of language and telephone skills. We can help women in English, Arabic, Punjabi, Urdu. Any other languages can be accessed using a translating service as required.

During Helpline hours, a ‘Live Chat’ button will appear on the bottom-right side of your screen anywhere on the Amina MWRC website.

You may have to click ‘OK’ about the collection of website cookies, at the bottom of the site before the chat box appears.

Introducing our new services!

Shaykh on the Helpline

Don’t miss out on your chance to ask the Shaykh any questions or queries during our monthly phone in!  For the first time Amina MWRC are giving you the chance to speak to the Shaykh in confidence on a wide range of issues.

Alima on the Helpline

On Mondays from 10 am to 2 pm there will be an Alima (female Islamic available on the Helpline to give advice anonymously.

Telephone Befriending

The latest study by ONS places Britain as being the loneliness capital of Europe. Loneliness & Isolation has become a bigger threat than obesity. It is a growing problem that is now being backed by the UK government through the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness.

About Telephone Befriending

Our Telephone Befriending service aims to provide support to socially isolated BME or Muslim Women. Our trained telephone Befrienders provide emotional support through weekly conversation on the phone. Through time, this helps individuals to achieve greater independence and self-confidence.

Criteria for Telephone Befriending

  • Lacks a social support network
  • Has access to a telephone line & is comfortable having a 30min conversation on the phone
  • Feels lonely

The Process

Befriendees will be matched to a Telephone Befriending Volunteer who will provide a weekly 20/30 minute phone call at a time agreed (within helpline hours).  This over time helps to improve confidence and wellbeing of the individual involved.

Please fill in either our Direct Referral Form or Third Party Referral Form and send it back to us at helpline@mwrc.org.uk or call our Helpline and we can fill in the form for you.

Volunteering with the Helpline and Befriending

Would you like to give your time to the Helpline, or as a volunteer Befriender? Volunteering with Amina is a great way to develop your skills, make new friendships and give back to the community around you. If you’re interested in volunteering, click here.
The Helpline Team runs regular 2-day training so you can learn what being involved in the Helpline or with Befriending looks like and whether you’d like to get involved. The next training dates are: Monday the 1st of February and Tuesday the 2nd of February, 10AM to 4PM over Zoom. Head to the link above to register your interest.

Report a Hate Crime or Hate Incident

If you feel you have been a victim of a crime because of your race, religion, disability status, sexual orientation or transgender identity and you do not want to approach the police in the first instance then you can contact Amina Helpline and we will make the report to the police on your behalf.

Watch below as Sarah reads a letter to her perpetrator – someone that committed a Hate Crime on her due to her faith.

If you have experienced a hate crime, and could say something to your perpetrator, what would you say? Let us know by Tweeting us or on Facebook or email.


We recognise that engagement with the community is vital to our work and to making our services better. Annually, we visit different locations around Scotland to capture a variety of voices from different communities of Muslim Women.

Given that hate crime has been on the rise, we asked women what impact it was having on their lives and discussed ways in which we could help make a more cohesive society. Events like “Tea With Me” were created around feedback from the women to make their thoughts a reality. A short report of other ideas gathered from the women is available here

In previous years we have used the roadshows to create our first campaign “I Speak for Myself” which was based on creating slogans to combat stereotypes. This year we will be taking this further by asking women how we as an organisation can support them to speak for themselves and how we can influence change to direct society in a positive direction.

To get in touch and set up a workshop with Amina, please visit our contact page   and let us know where you are.

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