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Public Statement: Humza Yousaf’s Resignation

A group of diverse young Muslim women standing around former FM Humza Yousaf and MSP Kaukab Stewart inside Scottish Parliament

Last week, we were saddened to hear the news of Humza Yousaf’s resignation. Humza was the first Muslim FM of Scotland and the first Muslim leader to lead a Western European nation. As well as championing the rights of Muslim and BME Women in Scotland, Humza has worked with our preventing Violence Against Women & Girls team and has been part of our Changemakers Campaign to raise awareness of gender inequality in Scotland. We thank him for his invaluable strides in equality and work to combat poverty.

In addition to his extensive work to make Scotland a better place for all, Humza believed that international obligations were as important as domestic ones. He was one of few leaders to speak for the rights of people globally, including those suffering in Palestine.

Thank you Humza, for all you have done for Scotland and the world. We deeply admire your unwavering commitment to your values, and your decision to not compromise on them in order to maintain a position of power. You are a leader worthy of admiration and your humility has left a lasting impression in Scotland, and across the world. We are sad to see you go, and wish you the best in the future of your career.

We offer our congratulations to FM John Swinney – we look forward to working with you in a similar capacity, to continue to deliver women’s rights and promote gender equality for Muslim & BME Women in Scotland.