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Ramadan Recipe: Sheer Peera Afghani

Some of our community champions are chosen because they have made brave choices to participate and give back in whatever way they can. They inspire us by being themselves and showing up. This month we’d like to thank one of our service users and friends, Zahra, for enriching us with her participation and continuing to do so by sharing a Ramadan recipe with all of you.

In many cultures people celebrate, show love and devotion or share blessings with something sweet. Take this from Zahra and from Amina to you with all our best wishes for your success and happiness.


2 /cups water

2 / cups of sugar

2 /cups of Nido milk powder

1 TSp of cardamom powder or pistachio powder, for decoration

Half small bowl of nuts.


At a high temperature bring to boil water and sugar. Let the sugar thicken well.

Turn off the temperature and add the milk powder and nuts little by little and mix it well.

Apply some butter or oil in non-stick pan, and transfer all the nuts with your hand.

Add on the pistachio powder too, leave it for one hour, then cut to a small size.