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Amina MWRC Statement

Amina MWRC’s statement regarding the current humanitarian crisis, escalating protest over the continuing illegal settlement, oppression within the Palestinian territories and occupied East Jerusalem. In particular at Al Aqsa mosque, the 3rd holiest site in Islam, and the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Our hearts are with those injured in the attack at Al Aqsa just days ago, those forcefully removed from their homes and those protesting. We wish them safety and recovery.

International human rights organisations have declared the treatment of Palestinians illegal according to international law. Continued action towards a tiered system of rights that already exists will meet the international definition of apartheid.

Chapter 3: Israeli Settlements and International Law

We can push for political change by raising this with our MPs. Please find the attached link to an email template which you can use:

Amina MWRC will not support or condone antisemitism in any form.