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Myth of Perfection – A time for action

Black History Month (BHM) is a check in point for where we are on racial inequality. The conversation is ongoing but there is work still to be done. In the words of Black History Month 2022’s website editor, Catherine Ross, “It’s a time for action, not words”.
For this month’s contribution, we would therefore encourage our readers to visit the Black History Month 2022 website but also to take action to end discrimination against minoritised women by donating to Amina via The Big Give. If you donate before 8th November, each pound you give will be matched by The Big Give, one donation double the impact!

Starting with a letter from the editor find out how the theme for this year’s BHM came about and what we can reflect on as we round off this calendar year and enter into 2023.

Then check out Amina’s social media to find out more about how we’re tackling racial inequality through our work and please consider donating here. If social media isn’t for you then how about coming along to our fundraising event on Nov 7th to say hi in person, enjoy a good meal and check out our work. To purchase a ticket, register here before next week.

Hope to see you soon!

The Amina Team