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The Amina Team

Our governance team is comprised of a board of trustees that are rooted within Muslim and BME communities across Scotland. Our board members are ‘experts by experience’ and have practice-based understanding of the barriers disadvantaged and marginalised BME women experience. Our trustees serve an average of three years on the board, where re-election to the board is required every two years. The diversity of our board membership reflects the ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity of the communities we serve. The Amina board meets every six weeks and has subcommittees from HR/Personnel to Finance, Fundraising, and Strategy.

Board Members

Amna joined the board in 2023 and has been aware and in admiration of the work undertaken by Amina throughout her life in Glasgow. A CIPD qualified professional with a BAcc degree in Accounting. She volunteers as a mentor and has 15+ years experience as  HR professional working in the private and charity sector.

Her career has focused predominantly on talent management and broadening employers reach to underrepresented groups within the workforce. Recognising the barriers BME and Muslim woman face in accessing employment, securing financial independence and applying their skills she is committed to removing, structural and systemic obstacles at a strategic and policy level.

Amna J Giurgiu

Amna J Giurgiu

Ashia McBrearty

Ashia McBrearty

Ashia has worked with HSBC Bank for 22 years,  working across many places in the UK. She has a wide range of experiences which has led to her current role as Global Corporate Relationship Director in Scotland.

For the last few years she has been part of the HSBC Muslim ERG (Employee Resource Group) taking on Chair in 2022. She has made significant difference internally and externally with campaigns and charity events whilst raising awareness of Islam to the wider audience.

Through these work roles she has been encouraged to get involved in projects making a difference in society.

Ashia believes being open to diverse religions and beliefs enables us to attract and retain a workforce reflecting the society we operate in, our diverse client and customer base, and brings different thoughts, ideas, values and behaviours to our daily lives.

Iqra joined the Amina board in June 2022.

Presently a Welfare officer, Iqra is also working towards a Masters in International Human Rights Law (LLM).

Iqra carries out volunteer work with local food banks, and currently runs an animal welfare organisation in Karachi with her husband called ARTS Animal Hospital. It is Karachi’s first and only animal hospital dedicated to the free treatment of stray animals. She is also one of the founders of Feed the poor Karachi, a charitable organisation in Pakistan which assists vulnerable people with no financial means.

Iqra is inspired by the human rights work of Amina, a subject very close to her heart. As a BME Muslim woman, she strongly believes in the work Amina does to support BME women.

Iqra Arsalan

Iqra Arsalan

Elisa Sajed

Elisa Sajed

Elisa is a PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde investigating domestic abuse in South Asian faith communities in Scotland. She has an MSc in Gender Studies and BA (Hons) in Sociology and Criminology.

Elisa has been involved with voluntary service working with women from BAME communities for many years, encouraging political integration and activity, as well as supporting and advocating for minority women suffering from domestic abuse.

Her motivation for joining the board at Amina is to channel her expertise into an organisation which understands the difficulties faced by minority women at both individual and structural levels. Elisa also stands as a board member to provide representation for disabled Muslim women and carers.

Parveen is a well-known community activist based in Glasgow. She has over 15 years of charity and community engagement experience, working and volunteering for projects that help empower women.

Parveen has been a board member of Al-Meezan for several years and was elected vice-chair in September 2022.  Al-Meezan facilitates those aged above 55 to meet up for exercise, lunch, activities, alongside recreational and educational trips.

Parveen is a member of the management committee of World Care Foundation that works for vulnerable groups of people. She is also one of the Scottish coordinators for the Muslim Bereavement Support Service.

Parveen is passionate about empowering women of all ages to achieve their full potential and stand up for their rights in every aspect of their lives.

Parveen was awarded The British Empire Medal (BEM), granted in recognition of meritorious civil service.

Parveen Sajid

portrait of Parveen Sajid, board member

Ramatu Umar-Bako

Ramatu Umar-Bako

Ramatu Umar-Bako is a Chevening alumni of the University of Aberdeen where she graduated with an MSc in Global Conflict and Peace Processes. Her love for continuous learning and development has led her to undertake another postgrad in MEd Adult Education, Community Development and Youth Work at the University of Glasgow. Though a lawyer, she has spent her career working with the British Council, Oxfam, and Save the Children International.

She volunteers with Pachedu, a charity that protects the interests of ethnic minorities in Renfrewshire and is a member of the Steering Committee of the Scottish Women’s Ethnic Minority Network among others. She is an Associate member, CLD Standards Council of Scotland and is passionate about promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Sarah has been involved with Amina in a variety of capacities since 2014.

She holds an MA in Social Science from the University of Glasgow with a focus on public policy.

Sarah works in the third sector on women’s labour market equality. She volunteers across the sector with women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence and/or sexual assault.

Sarah Anne Todd

Sarah Todd

Sadia Hussain-Savuk

Sadia Hussain-Savuk

Sadia first qualified as a Biomedical Scientist, later going on to re-train as a secondary school teacher. During her 15 years in education, she has become more involved in advocating for a diverse and inclusive educational experience for all, particularly through Women’s Rights and Anti-racism Education. She is now working as a DEI lead for schools in the East of Scotland, whilst also working toward her Masters in Inclusive Education.

Sadia is keen to bring the experience she has to Amina, to help empower BME women across Scotland to access the opportunities they are entitled to.

Saima currently works for the Scottish Government as part of the Education Bill Reform Team working on a Parliamentary Bill, Legislation and Policy.

Previously she was part of the Covid Vaccinations Unit consisting of Policy, Delivery, Operations and Correspondence.

Before joining the Scottish Government she worked in Further and Higher Education institutions in Glasgow, Manchester and Tokyo in student-facing roles including Lecturer, Disability Advisor and latterly specialising in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Saima Bashir

Saima Bashir

Sehrish Ali-Siddiqi


Sehrish has a decade of finance and accountancy experience, working across the UK. With a solid 5 years helping those needing support across the public sector. She is a Management Accountant with an educational background in accountancy, risk management and governance.

Sehrish said: “With the ever-growing desire to have support and information available at your fingertips and the rise in those feeling isolated within our communities, this service is pivotal in ensuring everyone has access to the life-changing support they need. The work AMINA does to help those across the community is essential and allows for a safe hub for many going through challenging situations."