Preventing Violence Campaigns

Unspoken is our workshop series addressing taboo topics within Muslim and BME communities in an effort to bring to light the issues that are too often swept under the carpet.

By addressing these issues directly, we can highlight their impact on Muslim and BME women, and the change required to make the world an equal place for Muslim and BME women.

This year, we will be tackling the topics of eating disorders, sexual health, divorce and healing. Register for our upcoming events here.

Never Allowed - Ending In-Law Abuse

In November we launched Never Allowed, our campaign for 16 Days of Action against gender-based violence, with Syma Ahmed, BME Development Officer at Glasgow Women’s Library.

The campaign drew on our research on In-Law Abuse. Throughout our research, the recurring phrase “I was Never Allowed” prompted our digital campaign on coercive control and abuse that BME women in Scotland experienced from their in-laws.

Our campaign highlights the need for change around Scottish legislation. 

Legislation defines domestic abuse as being perpetrated by a partner or ex-partner only. However, many Muslim & BME women experience domestic abuse from their in-laws. Our Campaign offers a compelling visual narrative to emphasise the urgency of addressing this form of violence within communities.

Never Allowed was a finalist campaign in SCVO's Scottish Charity Awards 2024. Read about the nomination here.

Say Her Name is our campaign commemorating the unknown victims of honour-based abuse.

The campaign is for those who have lost their lives under the pretence of a sudden or unknown injury or condition.

Those who no one knew were missing, or had been killed because their perpetrators, families, or members of their community, had covered their tracks.

In 2024, we hosted Tell Her Story, our exhibition in partnership with Glasgow Women's Library. The exhibition was dedicated to remembering BME women who have lost their lives to honour-based violence, and those whose stories are yet to be told.