Over the past year, our VAWG team has organised:


2 healthy relationship workshops - 'Positive Not Perfect'  and 'The Muslim Narcissist' 


2 healthy relationship workshops delivered to over 40 young Muslim university students


11 intergenerational workshops taking place within 5 community groups with over 100 Muslim men and women participating


17 young BME women completing the Upward: Young Women on the Rise Programme


100 people asssembling and over 10 organisations participating in the Say Her Name Vigil


Over 200 Muslim men taking part in the You Can Change This Pledge and over 30 men becoming ambassadors of change

Izzat Aye Event 2022

Izzat Aye: Let's Talk About Honour

As part of Amina's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of honour based abuse, Amina were pleased to host Payzee Mahmoud, sister of honour killing victim Banaz Mahmoud and IKWRO campaigner to mark 16 Days of Action 2022. We are grateful to Councillor Soryia Siddique for hosting the event at Glasgow City Chambers. The event was attended by over 100 people and showcased our exhibition Say Her Name highlighting the stories of women who have lost their lives to honour based violence. There was a performance based on our findings from our integer national trauma workshops and there was a memorial walk commemorating women who lost their lives as a result of 'honour'.  A report summarising the findings of the intergenerational workshops was launched at the event.

Upward: Young Women on the Rise 2022

An exciting opportunity for young women aged 16-22 years old providing an insight into the ending violence against women sector.

The participants are taken on a journey (quite literally!) through the sector, with site visits to the Scottish Parliament, Rape Crisis Scotland, Women’s Aid, Ubuntu and others. The participants not only gain an understanding of how the various agencies support women in crisis, whether that’s related to sexual violence or domestic abuse, but they also gain an in-depth knowledge of the various forms of violence against women.

17 young women took part in Upward in 2022.

Upward Session 2022
Best of Men with Shaykh Hassan Rabbani

Best of Men

Shaykh Hassan Rabbani, an Islamic Scholar, delivers workshops to Muslim men on gender equality, tackling domestic abuse, forced marriage and honour-based violence from a faith-based perspective. Over 20 Mosques and organisations across Scotland have been engaged with over 500 men.

You Can Change This Campaign

The You Can Change This Campaign encourages every single person to play an active role in ending violence against women.

As part of the You Can Change This campaign, we have created short films such as Hopscotch, exploring street harassment as a BME women in Scotland and exhibitions including Say Her Name, sharing the stories of victims of honour based killing.

You Can Change This: Men's Pledge

Muslim and BME men took part in the You Can Change This pledge, a commitment to play an active role in their families and communities to promote gender equality and end violence against women and girls.

Those who signed the pledge were also invited to become ambassadors and take part in a short film released for 16 Days of Action against Violence on Women and Girls.

I6 Days of Action 2021: Say Her Name

For 16 Days 2021, we held a candlelight vigil commemorating the victims of honour-based violence. At the vigil, we displayed an exhibition consisting of canvases of some of the victims of honour-based killings in the UK, along with something positive about their lives that is often lost or forgotten.

Say Her Name Vigil 2021

16 Days 16 Stories

A series of short films produced in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library based on true accounts collected from Muslim and BME women sharing their experiences of abuse and the items that remind them of that abuse.

Sexual Harrassment Campaign 2017

Sexual Harrassment flyer 2017
Self-care workshops writeup

Self-Care Workshops

The workshops focused on healing and storytelling for women who have experienced any form of honour-based violence. During the workshops, the women were encouraged to tell their stories using a visual map of their lives, depicted in scrapbooks. They also learned some gentle but powerful techniques for practicing self-compassion and taking care of themselves.

If I Had A Girl

With a focus on honour-based violence in the Asian community in Scotland, If I had a Girl is a play told through the words of survivors – those women whose voices are often silenced or stolen.

Through the use of storytelling and theatre, Amina hoped to change attitudes and opinions in the community to long held destructive beliefs about honour.

Attracting a talented and professional cast of actors from across the UK, the play premiered at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow and toured all over Scotland.

If I Had A Girl play