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Employability Story

Employability Story

After raising her family, Malika decided it was now time for her to pursue her own ambitions and goals. She registered on Amina MWRC’s employability programme during the summer looking for employability support in searching for learning opportunities. During her one-to-one appointment with our employability project officer, she discussed her learning goals and an employability support plan was put into place with her. Following some research into local courses, we were able to connect Malika with two local colleges. Subsequently, she applied to one of them and secured a place straight away. She is currently completing her studies in ESOL at intermediate level, is thoroughly enjoying the course, and has made new friends!

Malika tells us how confident she is feeling about her future prospects and is already planning her next move. She intends to apply to study ESOL with Beauty at the same college.

As a result of the dedicated support she received from our employability project officer, Malika has recommended us to her family and friends. We wish Malika all the best in her learning journey and are excited to see what the future holds for her.

Aleena has been attending the Women's Friendship Group regularly and enjoys trying and learning new activities. While attending the group, she expressed that she wanted to gain more work experience and build on her knowledge as she is new to the UK. Aleena was more than happy to try out any role.

We discussed a voluntary organisation that is local to her area with a relaxed environment that she could grow into. We applied for the role as a Donations Team Member together and scheduled to speak with the volunteer coordinator on the phone to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Aleena and I went to their office for an introductory meeting and went over her application to volunteer with them. She has been in her new role for a few weeks now and really enjoys the work! I provided a reference for Aleena with the hope that Merry Go Round will be able to support her in building up her work experience, self-confidence and progress her into other volunteering roles and employment eventually.

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ESOL Story

ESOL Story

Following the first lockdown, Zahra arrived in Glasgow shortly after getting married. She heard about Amina MWRC’s online ESOL classes and registered to join. Zahra enjoyed the classes so much she became a regular participant. The classes, run by our lovely ESOL tutor Sonya, gave Zahra the opportunity to practice her English language, English grammar, and learn about life in the UK.

Zahra’s confidence increased through attending our ESOL classes which prompted her to apply to take her B1 speaking test along with her Life in the UK test. Subsequently, she passed both tests! She is now looking to apply for British Citizenship. Most notably, Zahra has since secured employment and is prospering in her new role.

Zahra is an inspiring lady and one of many Amina MWRC’s success stories who achieved so much during the global pandemic. We wish Zahra all the best in her future endeavours.