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Creative Well-Being Dundee has developed activities and workshops around the four strands that support mental health and well-being. All the workshops and group activities are led by women and centred around women’s needs. We have 47 regular clients all from mixed backgrounds who are enjoying the safe space we have created for them.

Since 2022, we organised:

Health and Well-Being

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Raising Awareness for Carers

In Partnership with Dundee Carers Centre, we organised a Raising Awareness session on support available for carers delivered in 4 different languages (Urdu, English, Memoni and Arabic).

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Badminton Sessions

We had 6 weekly badminton sessions aimed at teaching women basic badminton skills. All 27 women participated in weekly play sessions on 2 courts for 2 hours.

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Health Awareness for Ramadan Session

 In partnership with NHS, an experienced nurse of 44 years delivered a workshop about keeping well while fasting during Ramadan.

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Rules of Fasting and a Successful Ramadan Workshop

In partnership with a female qualified Scholar, we delivered a workshop informing on fasting during ill health and the Islamic rulings.

Carers Session 2023
Badminton Sessions 2023
Ramadan fasting tips 2023

Outdoor Activities

Walking group 2022
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Walking Groups

The project started with a regular walking group in order to help women move more, feel less isolated and exposed to new connections. We welcome and support women from all walks of life.

Skill Share

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Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting

Our own service user delivered sewing, crocheting and knitting activities across 5 weekly sessions. Not only was it beneficial to the ladies being taught new skills but it also encouraged our service user to think about ways to make it her own business and give back to the community.

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Henna Workshops

Our service user delivered the workshops across 5 different sessions. She was pleased at the opportunity and support presented to her by Amina. It put her services on the map within the community, and she felt appreciated and valued.

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Tapestry Sessions

In partnership with Dundee Tapestry, Muslim and BME women participated in learning to stitch and weave tapestries. This is an ongoing project that aims to tell stories about Dundee and its rich history.

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Quilling Sessions

Our service user delivered 4 quilling sessions. She had been very appreciative for the support Amina has offered and will continue to volunteer and support our other sessions offered.

Sewing, crocheting, knitting 2022
Dundee Tapestry 2023
Henna workshops 2022

Arts and Culture

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Theatre Trip

Stella Quines invited Amina Dundee to see their new play 'Sister Radio' by Sara Shaarawi at Perth Theatre.

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Literary Sessions

In partnership with National Literacy Trust's Read Dundee, we delivered 2 storytelling sessions talking about the importance of communicating and sharing stories with children to build their confidence and communication skills.

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V&A Visit for Dundee Tapestry

In partnership with Dundee Tapestry and all stitchers around Dundee, our ladies visited the V&A to view the panels that are being stitched. Once the panels are completed, they will be displayed in the V&A in January 2024.

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Rhyme Time Sessions for Mums and Children

With the success of the literacy sessions, we have continued delivering monthly rhyme time sessions monthly with a volunteer and an experienced retired Scottish teacher of 33 years.

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Printing Sessions

In Partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), 8 service users participated in 7- weekly workshops making a range of print techniques from professional artists. They have learned various print skills including screen printing and Lino printing. Their completed work will be displayed in DCA's gallery 1 for the public to view.

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Plastic: Remaking Our World Exhibition Tour

In partnership with V&A Dundee, our ladies attended an exhibition tour exploring the origins of plastic, our historic relationship with it and how that might change in the future.

Rhyme time 2023
Plastics exhibition tour 2023
Print skills 2023
Reclaim the Night march 2022

Reclaim the Night

Amina Dundee and some of their ladies joined the Reclaim the Night March last November 2022. Hundreds of people from all races and backgrounds took to the streets and raised their voices demanding an end to violence against women and girls.