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Tackling FGM in Scotland

Tackling FGM in Scotland

Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting is a form of violence against women which does affect women living in Scotland. It’s an abuse of the human rights of women and girls, and as such, Amina has worked on this issue any times over the years. We are listed as a source of support on the Scottish government’s statement opposing FGM.

We also produced a film named ‘Imams for Change’ which talks about FGM and the fact that it is absolutely not a part of the Muslim faith. The section on FGM is 10 minutes into the film, but the whole film is well worth a watch! You can find out more here – and watch a film here – to learn more.

If you’ve been affected, you are welcome to call Amina MWRC’s helpline for support on 0808 801 0301.

We spoke to a campaigner who is speaking out in Scotland. 

I am Diare and I work for Dundee International Women’s Centre.
I’m a project worker and as part of my work, I raise awareness of harmful practices such as FGM.
Doing this work in Dundee, I find people do want to learn about FGM, especially the nursing students.
I’m also a community champion with KWISA/African Women in Scotland which involves me going out in the community to talk about issues affecting African women in Scotland.

It’s unusual for women to open up about FGM as it’s still quite taboo.
Hopefully we will break these taboos with the work we’re doing, and the work of women in other countries with practising communities.
A woman who inspires me is Jaha Dukureh who is breaking taboos in the Gambian community.

I was moved to talk about FGM after meeting a group of Somalian women based in Glasgow who speak out about FGM. I thought, if they can do it, I can do it too!