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The Myth of Perfection – Healthy relationships in the early years

Over the years at Amina, our work in schools has evolved. We used to be funded only to support conversations and connections to be made about how people who are Muslims are perceived in Scotland.
The goal has now evolved to supporting healthy relationships more broadly with individuals themselves and each other.

What we do now

Our work is developing into longer-term work with one school at a time, over a period of 6-8 weeks. We can still provide the option to build connections and answer questions as Muslim women, but the core of our work is now supporting young people to have conversations about who they are with themselves and their peers/ teachers. Weeks 1 and 2 focus on introductions, respect and boundaries. Weeks 3-6 are focused on topics that affect everyone such as healthy relationships, heritage, body image and choosing our role models.

Last week was the third session with Primary 7 at St. Albert’s Primary School in Pollokshields where we are piloting this new way of working. A group of 12 children, all aged around 11 years old are in front of me and telling me how they felt about discussing relationships.

“Awkward”, says one pupil. Fair enough.

When did you start discussing relationships?

Often, how we build relationships is only dealt with in hindsight or when there are problems. But these young people used the space to celebrate what they bring to their key relationships, and what needs to built on in order to experience the safety and loyalty and kindness that we all crave. It was a rare, vulnerable and sometimes ‘awkward’ space to be in.

However, the pupils can now share some of the positive things that they each felt they could bring to a relationship and some of the things they would like to work on. Have a read and let us know your thoughts:

“Most of my friends are Pakistani but I am Arab. I love teaching them about my culture and what I do.  I’m also quite sensitive so arguments start frequently.”

“I’m comfortable showing people that I care about them. I want to get better at being trustworthy”

“I think that I can make people laugh. {I could be better at} providing advice when someone needs help”

“{I’m good at} making things fun. {I could do better at} doing my fair share of the work”

“I’m confident. I could work on responding in the right way”

What do you bring to your relationships and what would you improve? Do you like this programme for young people? Please get in touch and let us know!

For more information on the Amina Schools Project please contact
Our roster for longer-term work is filled for the current and the next academic year but we are open to work starting Aug/Sept 2023

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