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Myth of Perfection – The Disease of Domestic Violence

Following the recent deaths by murder-suicide of Sania Khan and Alwiya Mohamed, both in the US, the Female Scholars Network issued a statement via Muslims Matters on the Islamic responsibility to work against the “disease of domestic violence”. This violence is widespread in all communities around the world, both religious and non-religious. Its prevalence was reflected in the statement’s 100+ signatories, all prominent female scholars, academics and students representing different countries and backgrounds within the Muslim community alone.

Sadly, this endemic violence is something to which Amina MWRC as an organisation can both bear witness and confirm exists across Scotland. In the past 10 months, 22% percent of our Helpline clients’ cases have involved a component of domestic abuse.We would ask you to please take a minute of silence to reflect on and resolve yourself to act against the injustice that you can see in your own circles. Consider the ways in which you personally can make meaningful and lasting change in the life of another woman.

Lastly, please consider reading and sharing the statement and engaging with Amina’s work in Scotland where/however you can. Together, we are part of the solution to the inequalities in education, access, support and rights which lead to devastating consequences for women and girls who are victims or survivors of abuse.

Statement Against Domestic Violence: The Female Scholarship Network