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My Mini Lockdown Memoir

By: Ustdaha Khadija

Assalam alaykum I am Ustdaha Khadija, and this is my mini lockdown memoir. 

I have currently been in isolation for one month, and counting. I try to take it one day at a time and not let myself get caught up in the online hysteria which, is really easy to do. I found that everyday is different and the emotions come in waves.  I always remind myself that its okay to feel these things otherwise God would have never created us with the ability to feel these things. Isolation doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a stressful thing; no matter what background you come from you will always find at least one story about a person who was in isolation and found God and enlightenment and peace.

Being a follower of the Islamic traditions we are no exception to this story. I believe that even in the middle of the madness, God has not removed his mercy and now my home has become my mosque – my House of God were all life thrives. Also i would like to share some of my self-care tips with you all, which may help getting through this period. 

  • Be kind to yourself : Its okay to feel frightened and maybe a bit sad or blank but remember its not always going to be like this; its just temporary.  
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  In this time we often get caught with social media and what other people are doing.  Its okay if you don’t have a side hustle or if you haven’t became a Pinterest mum.  If you are just getting through the day, eating, showering, your doing great – just keep going!  
  • Keep a journal.  I find that this has helped a lot, especially if you feel that you don’t have anyone to talk to or if you are unsure of how to express yourself.  It can be pages, a paragraph or a line, it doesn’t matter – its an outlet. 
  • If you have some sort of dhikr or prayers you ascribe to or practice then hold on to them and do them daily, as the famous verse says ”in remembrance of God hearts find rest”.  
  • Stay in communication. Trust me when I say your friends and family want to hear from you.  Ring them up, Facetime, Zoom, Skype, whatever is easy for you.  
  • Find something you love. Reading, art, poetry, use this time to try find something that makes you tick. 
  • Make a routine/schedule.  One of the biggest factors of anxiety for people is being out of the usual routine. Make one for yourself/family even if its only to factor in ‘me time’.  Whether that be cooking, cleaning, bathing, praying, whatever it is when we get into a rhythm it can make us feel better. 
  • Most importantly if you feel like you need help in anything – don’t be afraid to reach out.  We are all in this together and there are a whole load of people out here who love you and are ready to help.  

Stay strong, stay safe, this is your story too. 

Assalam alaykum