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My First Reclaim The Night March

My first Reclaim The Night March

Fatima Ramzan – Project worker – Dundee International Women’s Centre


2015 was Fatima’s first experience taking part in a protest march. I asked her how she felt about this and she was kind enough to give her impressions of the Reclaim the Night event in Dundee. Reclaim the Night marches involve going out after dark to demand an end to sexual violence. At times, women are told to stay indoors after dark to avoid attacks, which does not work, and these marches place the blame squarely on attackers, and help women to feel confident in public spaces.

Sara: How did you feel taking part in your first march?

Fatima: I was invited to come for a coffee and warm up at the Amina office first. This felt personal and it set the scene and relaxed me so I could take part. I knew I would be with other women on the same wavelength before we went onto the street.

I felt really connected with the whole group of people who came on the march.

Obviously supporting other women is so important in my work.

Hearing women speaking at the event, it helped me to remember what women go through – how their lives are affected by sexual violence.

It had a big impact on me, being part of the audience and taking part in a march for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect. It was peaceful and organised. I liked holding the banner and we were all supporting each other. When I was chanting it felt as if we were all synchronised and it felt like unity – all women, disregarding colour, race, religion, social status – everybody stood together and for me that was very powerful.

We were there for one cause – to end violence against women.

It inspired me to do it again so I came last year and I will do it again this year too.


Dundee’s Reclaim the Night march takes place this year on Thursday 30th November at 6pm.