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Know About Privilege

To understand oppression, we must understand its opposite – privilege. 

Understanding what privilege means and its impact is essential to understand how those without privilege suffer systemically on a personal, institutional and structural level. 

Consider some questions:

1) Do I often hear about the positive contributions people from my communities have made to science, art, media, protecting the country?

2) Can I stand on the street and talk to a couple ofsome friends without being harassed by the police or seen as a threat to the community?

3) Have I been told that it’s a shame that I’m dark skinned because it will be harder to find someone who’ll find me attractivemarry me?

4) Have I been told not to try for a job because I wouldn’t get it due to how I look/my race?

5) Would I willingly walk in the shoes of a black person for a day instead of my own? 


Sources & Further reading on Whiteness & Privilege