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It’s Not Ok!

4th – 10th FEBRUARY 2019 is sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week.

Many people, especially students and other young people, are speaking out and saying ‘It’s not ok’ because together, we can ensure nobody thinks it’s societally acceptable to commit these crimes.

Find out more and download a resource pack on the campaign website:

We made this film in conjunction with Imams and Shaykhs to spread the word that Islam is completely against any form of violence against women and girls.

Activism can take many forms – you only have to do what you’re comfortable with. It’s all about starting conversations and changing the tone within your social groups. If the people you know understand you stand against abuse, they will change their views too. That way, less and less people will think they’ll get away with committing sexual violence. At Amina we made tiny signs for dolls to hold, with statistics such as

If you’d like to get involved, use the #itsnotok hashtag along with our #youcanchangethis campaign hashtag and participate in a conversation that’s become increasingly diverse and energised since #metoo sprung up.

If you’re in Dundee, you can also come along to one of our events during the week – a workshop for young men – a workshop for young women an awareness-raising session in our Dundee office.

We also have another event coming up in March for International Women’s Day –

In Glasgow? Come to our screening of our brand new amination ‘Just ‘cos I’m a girl’

Our Violence Against Women and Girls development team work year-round to raise awareness of these issues and we’re always looking to work with new groups, so if you’d like us to organise a workshop, get in touch on