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Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma Workshops
Intergenerational Trauma Workshops
Intergenerational Trauma Workshops

Amina partnered with Glasgow Women’s Library to design and deliver a series of Intergenerational Trauma workshops to community groups in Scotland. The workshops consisted of interactive activities including: 

  •  A ‘Values Walk’ - an example of a statement used: "If a woman wears clothes that are too tight or revealing, she is asking for trouble."
  • ‘Burden on Her Shoulders’, exploring the impact of trauma and how it can be passed on to future generations if it is not explored, healed, or challenged
  • Role plays 

The workshops were delivered over 2 sessions, with the second session focusing more on the support available, trauma, and grounding techniques.   

80 BME women across 5 community groups took part. 

A report was compiled detailing the findings of the discussions held at the workshops.

Izzat Aye Event 2022
Izzat Aye: Let's Talk about Honour event 2022

'Izzat Aye?': Let's Talk About Honour

We are grateful to Councillor Dr. Soryia Siddique for hosting Amina during 16 Days of Action at the Glasgow City Chambers for an event to mark the conclusion of the intergenerational workshops and to launch the corresponding report.  

We were pleased to invite Payzee Mahmoud, sister of honour-based killing victim Banaz Mahmoud and IKRO campaigner as our keynote speaker. Payzee shared her story as a victim of honour-based abuse and her campaign work around child marriage. 

There was a short play at the event based on some experiences women shared at the intergenerational workshops exploring forced marriage, honour-based abuse, and gender roles.  

There was a memorial walk, commemorating the lives of some victims of honour-based killings in the UK. 

Over 150 people attended from the community and representatives of other key organisations including Rape Crisis Scotland, Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service, politicians, Safe Lives and many more. 


Next steps... 

This year we will be building up on the themes found in the report and delivering workshops across Scotland on intergenerational trauma related to extended family abuse.