What’s My Crime?

In recognition of International Day of Zero Tolerance for Genital Mutilation (6 February, 2020), Amina MWRC are launching our most recent Violence Against Women and Girls video What’s My Crime?

Amina MWRC recently conducted a survey of 124 people within Muslim and other Scottish communities, around 50% of respondents to our survey thought that the majority of people in their communities would agree that:

If someone experiences domestic abuse, they might have done something to deserve that kind of treatment.

If a girl doesn’t physically resist sex – even if protesting verbally – it really can’t be considered rape.

When girls go to parties wearing revealing clothes they are asking for trouble.

Based on this research, we felt it was important to take a stand against victim blaming.

The video powerfully portrays how survivors are often punished by their communities. We are trying to encourage communities to support women who have experienced abuse rather than blaming them or punishing them. The survivors are not the guilty ones, the perpetrators are, and they  should be held to account.

#YouCanChangeThis #VAWG #GBV

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