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Amina’s schools project delivers workshops at RE/RME classes in secondary schools. The workshop aims to challenge negative stereotypes and to breakdown misconceptions around Islam and Muslim women. We do this while promoting open dialogue and understanding of issues around race and religion. Our dedicated volunteers openly engage with classes, and share their experience of being Muslim living in Scotland.

We currently run workshops around 3 key themes: Fundamental beliefs and practice; Love, Marriage and Family and; Extremism and Religion. The workshops are participatory which allows pupils to engage with the presenters. The workshops were designed to support the curriculum and the age and stage of the pupils’ development.

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Pupils’ comments:

“I never understood that women had the choice to wear the veil.”

“I really enjoyed learning more about Islam from someone who is Muslim.”

“I already knew some of this from primary school and RE but it was good to speak to a real person!”

Teachers said:

“I would hope to repeat this exercise next session and perhaps expand to other year groups. It is a very valuable opportunity to reinforce what is learned in Modern Studies about the importance of challenging stereotypes and prejudice.”

“It gave students a true picture of Islam…not just something they hear about from the media. Gave a broader view of who Muslims are and how they practise their faith”

Volunteers said:

“I really enjoyed being part of the school’s project as it has given me work experience and it has built up my confidence. Sorry for the cliché but it’s true!”

Get Involved:

We currently deliver workshops to secondary schools within the Central Belt of Scotland.

If you are a teacher and would like us to deliver workshops in your school then please send an email to schools@mwrc.org.uk or call 0141 212 8420.

If you are a Muslim woman based in the Central Belt of Scotland and is interested in becoming a volunteer for the school’s project then please send an email to schools@mwrc.org.uk or call 0141 212 8420


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