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Financial Help


Everyone can, at times feel vulnerable when dealing with people in authority. We empower women to change this by giving information and if needed supporting them to speak for themselves or speaking for them.

This Amina MWRC project is for Muslim and BME women who need help with their financial affairs.

Our advocacy project may be able to help:

  • If you are in a difficult situation financially and you don’t know what to do

  • If you feel no-one listens to you

  • If you find it difficult to speak up for yourself at times

  • If you have concerns about benefit money

  • If you need to appeal a benefits decision

  • If you are a victim of financial and or other abuse

Our advocacy worker will listen to you, discuss what support you need, can help you to find information, help with phone calls, letters and meetings and to do all she can to help you understand your rights, what choices you have, ensure people listen to you, support you to speak up for yourself or speak for you if needed.


If you would like to contact this service please phone our helpline

0808 801 0301


Financial Help Fact Sheets!

These sheets are full of useful information on finances:

FACT SHEET – Benefit money and community support for families
FACT SHEET 2 – Benefit money and community support for families: some benefits you might be able to apply for
FACT SHEET – How to appeal benefits decisions
Financial Help Fact Sheet 4 – Community Support
FACT SHEET – Child Tax credits

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