The aim of our befriending project in Dundee is to address the increasing social isolation of Muslim and Minority Ethnic women over the age of 50, to support them to build their own social networks, live better quality lives and help them to make better decisions about their physical health. Within this particular demographic, women continue to face many complex challenges to active and full participation in their communities. Our intervention supports women to learn new skills, take a more positive and proactive role in relation to their own health and wellbeing by equipping them with information and resources in a faith and culturally sensitive environment.

In addition to a regular program of group activities, our trained volunteer befrienders, work on a one to one basis by visiting women at home, when required, or accompanying them to organised activities, thus allowing women to build up their confidence, increase their knowledge and emotional wellbeing.

Whilst waiting to be matched to a befriender, we support women via telephone befriending in the women’s preferred spoken language.

Our group befriending, which acts as peer support offers the following:

  • Walking groups
  • Monthly lunch club
  • Physical and mental wellbeing information sessions
  • Yoga
  • English conversation classes
  • IT workshops
  • An annual residential trip
  • Visits to places of interest


The service has allowed women to take up volunteering within their own communities, as befrienders as well as other roles such as supporting soup and community kitchens in their own local areas. In addition to this, our clients have been able to take part and feed into local as well as national consultations to help improve mental health and older people’s services.
We’re always looking for volunteers to support the project. If you’re interested please contact us on

“I was depressed and lonely and became very ill. When I joined the group I started feeling better I am so grateful I got to join the group I didn’t go out anywhere before. Nobody really organised activities like this before. Now I have something to look forward to and enjoy.”


“This project has been a valuable support and a good way of meeting other women, making new friends”


Telephone Befriending


The latest study by ONS places Britain as being the loneliness capital of Europe. Loneliness & Isolation has become a bigger threat than obesity. It is a growing problem that is now being backed by the UK government through the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness.

About Telephone Befriending

Our Telephone Befriending service aims to provide support to socially isolated BME or Muslim Women. Our trained telephone Befrienders provide emotional support through weekly conversation on the phone. Through time, this helps individuals to achieve greater independence and self-confidence.


Criteria for Telephone Befriending

  • Lacks a social support network
  • Has access to a telephone line & is comfortable having a 30min conversation on the phone
  • Feels lonely


The Process

Befriendees will be matched to a Telephone Befriending Volunteer who will provide a weekly 20/30 minute phone call at a time agreed (within helpline hours).  This over time helps to improve confidence and wellbeing of the individual involved.

Please fill in either our Direct Referral Form or Third Party Referral Form and send it back to us at or call our Helpline and we can fill in the form for you.


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