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3 July, 2020

Behind smiling faces, we never know what a person is really feeling or experiencing.
If you have experienced abuse due to your race, gender identity, religion or faith, ability or sexual orientation, you may have experienced a #HateCrime
You can speak to someone on our Helpline team about this for a listening ear but you can also report this to us as a Third Party Reporting service. We can then report the crime for you anonymously. Our Helpline is available to Muslim and BME women around Scotland and is confidential, anonymous, culturally-sensitive and judgement-free.
Available over online Live Chat or Freephone Monday through Friday between 10-4.
To reach a Helpline worker, chat live on our website or call the Helpline at 0808-801-0301 during Helpline hours. Calls won’t show up on your phone bill.
#ReportEverydayHate #ReportTheCrime #ThirdPartyReporting
#AminaLetsTalk #Helpline #YouAreNotAlone

3 July, 2020

Behind smiling faces, we never know what a person is really feeling or experiencing.
If you are feeling Socially Isolated, our Helpline provides a listening ear and signposting service for Muslim and BME women around Scotland.
It is confidential, anonymous, culturally-sensitive and judgement-free.
Available over online Live Chat or Freephone Monday through Friday between 10-4.
To reach a Helpline worker, visit our website (link in bio) and a chat box will automatically appear during Helpline hours.
To call the Helpline, dial 0808-801-0301 during Helpline hours. Calls won’t show up on your phone bill.
#AminaLetsTalk #MentalHealth #Helpline #YouAreNotAlone

1 July, 2020

“I don’t see race” is NOT anti-racist. It disregards the oppression that BME communities encounter just by existing.
❕SEE race❕
❕SEE racism❕
Only by acknowledging and understanding that race does exist and race in itself impacts the way ALL people experience the world – for some positively and others negatively – can you help fight racism and help build a world where race truly doesn’t matter
✍️: @mimimoffie
 #blacklivesmatter #blm

17 June, 2020

As we starting easing restrictions and continuing to adapt to new changes, remember that in all of this, we still need to take care of ourselves and others. Kindness is the best way through this. Remember that mask 👌 #Covid19 #mask

13 June, 2020

#blacklivesmatter #womanpower #blackwomenslivesmatter ✍️:@mkoby_

9 June, 2020

Commit to action to show your solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and anti-racism. Here are some steps for meaningful action.

8 June, 2020

‘Jamaica St’ isn’t sarcastic ‘Glesga’ banter about our ‘amazing’ weather. It’s a street sign reminding us of times when Merchant City in Glasgow prospered from the slave trade. In fact, most of Glasgow was created by slave labour and there are numerous reminders of this across the city today.
For more, click here.

7 June, 2020

To understand oppression, we must understand its opposite – privilege. 
Understanding what privilege means and its impact is essential to understand how those without privilege, suffer on a personal, institutional and structural level. 
Consider some questions:
Do I often hear about the positive contributions people from my communities have made to science, art, media, protecting the country?
Can I stand on the street and talk to a couple of some friends without being harassed by the police or seen as a threat to the community?
Have I been told that it’s a shame that I’m dark skinned because it will be harder to find someone who’ll find me attractive?
Have I been told not to try for a job because I wouldn’t get it due to how I look/my race?
Would I willingly walk in the shoes of a black person for a day instead of my own? 
For more on privilege, click here.

6 June, 2020

We can’t claim liberation or gender equality for women if we don’t recognise and eradicate racism. Women have been essential to liberation movements and activist spaces for generations, and their role must be recognised.
Read more here.

5 June, 2020

Anti-blackness is a result of historical attitudes.Although it is apparent that racism is not to be tolerated in the religion according to the Last Sermon of the Prophet, peace be upon him, this does not absolve Muslims of addressing their individual biases. Racism is Anti-blackness is a result of historical attitudes. Although it is apparent that racism is not to be tolerated in the religion according to the Last Sermon of the Prophet, peace be upon him, this does not absolve Muslims of addressing their individual biases.
Racism is not only a sentiment that is held by while people towards black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, but sentiments of hierarchy and hatred exist within and throughout BME communities across the globe. No community is free from anti-black sentiment.
The first step is to fix what’s on our own doorstep.
Read more here.

2 June, 2020

Collectively we’ve observed the carelessness of institutions and the culmination of face after face, name after name, of innocent black women and men brought down by their own justice systems. These are not unintended, circumstantial targets. These were not people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is systemic. It is violence.
In some of these cases #hatecrime resulted in deaths, but this may not always be how it manifests. We can’t lose sight of the undercurrents of bias and prejudice that exists in all societies which ultimately provides the foundation for these actions.
The recent murder of George Floyd also draws attention to the fact that the public is living breathing evidence against these injustices. Although they were unable to save his life, the people who made this public had an extremely important role to play in reaching any form of justice.

Wherever and whenever you see a hate crime you can help too.
– If you are in Scotland, you can also report hate crimes directly to Amina MWRC on our freephone number 0808 801 0301
Here are 5 ways to keep you and others safe

1 June, 2020

Non-racist is NOT the same as Anti-racist.
Neutrality is not enough.
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
-Desmond Tutu
#blacklivesmatter #blm #antiracism #ibramkendi
🎨: @madshaukat

23 May, 2020

Cross-cultural and interfaith relations depend on understanding. Throughout this #Ramadan we have shared some facts about what this holy month is and the celebrations around it.
#Eid is the celebration that comes at the end of the fasting period.
We want to acknowledge the sacrifice that Muslims across the globe have made this Ramadan by staying apart, together.
This Eid may look very different for many as they #Stayhome to #StaySafe
Wishing everyone that is celebrating, whenever they may do so, a very joyous #eidmubarak

19 May, 2020

As we near the end of #Ramadan we want to continue to share with our supporters about what the end of this blessed month means and looks like, so that as celebrations of Eid begin, they better understand why this holiday is so important for Muslims in their community and across the globe. We continue to strive to build intercultural and religious understanding.
#RamadanMubarak #RamadanKareem

12 May, 2020

Yuv git mer tae wurry aboot the noo than pittin oan timber. Eat whatever makes ye happy.
Be gud tae yersel and tae others..
Stay hame. Wur aw in this thegether..
If ye need sumbdy tae tawk tae, oor Helpline is open: Mon-Fri, 10-4 at 0808-801-0301
#tuesdaymotivation #stayhome #bekind
✍🏼: @yer_awrite

11 May, 2020

We are taking the opportunity to ensure that all our supporters better understand #Ramadan as cultural and religious understanding is how bridges are built.
As many of you know, right now is Ramadan, an important month for a Muslims.
You may wonder how to wish your Muslim friends and neighbours a Happy Ramadan.
Here’s how:
#RamadanMubarak #RamadanKareem

6 May, 2020

We are in this together.
Let’s stand with key workers and stay home. Stay safe.
We ❤️ the NHS
Thank you
From Team Amina MWRC 😊
#StaySafe #StayPositive #wellnesswednesday #ThankYouNHS #LockdownDiaries

1 May, 2020

Throughout Ramadan we will be posting a few bits of information to help folks better understand what it is, and why it’s such an important celebration for Muslims.
Cultural and religious awareness is a step in bridging communities. ⭐

24 April, 2020

To all of our friends near and far, celebrating #Ramadan – wishing you a joyous month from your friends at Amina MWRC ⭐
During this extra strange and difficult time, we hope you will find innovative ways to be able to celebrate with self-reflection, humility, generosity and love ❤️

22 April, 2020

Happy Earth Day 🌍
We may be in lockdown fighting a public health crisis, but we mustn’t forget the climate crisis that is slowly ravaging our planet .
Times like these help us to reassess and remember what’s important in life. Take a moment to think of planet earth and remember that once this pandemic is over, the climate challenge will still be ongoing .
#earthday #earthday2020 #🌍 
✍️: https://lnk.bio/SKHtn

21 April, 2020

Let’s check in with each other.
How you doing out there?
Here’s a great wee chart you can use with yourself AND your loved ones during quarantine.
Remember to reach out. Everyone needs some love 💚💛❤️
#Repost @blessingmanifesting
#letstalk #mentalhealth #lockdown

13 April, 2020

In these troubling times, we start to question ourselves and what we thought we knew. The most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. .
Join us for a 3-part webinar series “that’s Me” on 7, 14, and 21st May with therapist Shamala Shaukat, who will show you tools that work for you to better understand and know yourself.
The whole 3-part series is £10 and registration is now open
Register here.
✍🏼: @the_positiveway8
#therapy #knowyourself #letstalk

31 March, 2020

Self-isolation and lockdowns put women and children who live with coercive control at further risk
We know that incidents of domestic abuse have increased in several countries undergoing a lockdown. Services are still around to help. Helplines to refuges are busy but working hard to ensure women are supported during this time of high risk.
Read more here.
#YouCanChangeThis #VAWG
📸: endviolenceagainstwomen.co.uk

27 March, 2020

Celebrating the diversity of Muslim women around the world ❤️
Continue to aspire, inspire, and be inspired by one another 👑

24 March, 2020

Everything that’s going on right now feels a lot like it can’t be real. But researchers and scientists have shown how and why social distancing works to slow down the spread. These are unprecedented times, and we must do our part to #FlattenTheCurve and #StaySafe
We’ve got a new blog post on our website on Working from Home and some top tips on how to stay productive. Click image above to read it.
Art by: @avamariedoodles

19 March, 2020

In these uncertain times, many of us are panicking – worried, scared, unsure, hesitant, lonely. Like everyone else, we’re unsure what the future holds.
But please remember that we’re in this together.
We may not know WHEN, but we WILL get through this. Times such as these can divide us or unite us – let’s try to unite, so when this all passes, we’re stronger together. Keep going!

If you need to talk to someone about anything, our Helpline remains open between Monday and Friday, 10-4: 0808-801-0301

Take care of yourselves, wash your hands, cover your cough, socially distance yourself – but don’t emotionally distance yourselves. Be kind 💛

With love from your sisters at Amina MWRC ✍️: @twentysevenlkld

12 March, 2020

🌛 Wrap that hijab and keep going, girl🌜
Here’s your Tuesday reminder that YOU GOT THIS .
#TuesdayThoughts #hijab #Muslimah #GlamVibes 🖌️: @casuallyreba

8 March, 2020

Today, we celebrate women from around Scotland and their journeys to where they are today.
Here are just a few incredible women who have been involved with Amina MWRC over the years who have shared their stories, and their views of #equality with us 💜
We are in awe of them and all the other women we know and those we don’t yet know, for their achievements, their strength, their convictions, their generosity of spirit.
Thank you for your contribution to our organisation over the years
#InternationalWomensDay #iwd2020 #IWD #♀️

Happy #InternationalWomensDay ♀️
#iwd2020 #♀️

3 March, 2020

We’re hiring a Capacity Building Officer for Ward 6 in Glasgow!
This part time post is fixed term for ten months at 8 hours/week

Deadline: Monday 9th March at 10AM
Interviews will be held on the 18th of March

🎨: @startwithbismillah

25 February, 2020

Our upcoming Ladies Dinner is an opportunity to network with other women!
It’s on 13th March in Glasgow, and will be a catered dinner to celebrate community angels 😇
We are hiring out stalls for the event. £60 gets you:
-a stall to sell your product or share information on your business
-access to several dozens of women at the event
-free promotion on our social media accounts leading up to the event and a shout out afterwards -delicious, catered dinner
If you are interested, email info@mwrc.org.uk
Tickets to the event itself are also on sale at £25/pp and can be purchased on Eventbrite

25 February, 2020

Here’s your reminder that SELF-CARE is important and can look different for everyone.
It doesn’t have to be big things, there are tonnes of small ways to take care of yourself and ensure you are being kind to your number ONE.
#TuesdayThoughts #SelfCare #AminaLetsTalk
Art by: www.mellowdoodles.com

17 February, 2020

**We’re hiring**
Join us at our Dundee office as our Project Officer for the ever popular Inspire, Connect & Enable programme.
This part time role coordinates and provides group activities and events to Muslim/BME women to build on creativity, confidence building, and well being.
Applications due by 10AM on Friday, 28th Feb, 2020.
#MuslimahEmployment #scottishjobs #thirdsectorjobs #JobsInDundee
Art by: www.samyazart.com

6 February, 2020

To mark #InternationalDayofZeroTolerance for #FGM we’ve launched our latest video “WHAT’S MY CRIME?” a powerful portrayal of the impact on victim blaming.
Please share widely
#YouCanChangeThis #WhatsMyCrime #StopVictimBlaming #VAWG

4 February, 2020

2 DAYS until the launch of our new campaign video “WHAT’S MY CRIME?” 
#StopVictimBlaming #YouCanChangeThis #WhatsMyCrime #VAWG

3 January, 2020

7 DAYS until the launch of our new campaign video “WHAT’S MY CRIME?”
#StopVictimBlaming #VAWG #YouCanChangeThis #WhatsMyCrime

23 January, 2020

For International Women’s Day 2020,
@AminaMWRC and @zerotolerancescotland are creating, Chalk, an interactive play about violence against women.
The play will be five, one-act monologues depicting women survivors of gender-based violence.
We are auditioning for our five lead women. We hope to audition women representing a range of ethnicities and would welcome actors from BME backgrounds and white backgrounds, who can represent the range of women’s stories that our script shares.

Auditions are on Saturday 8 February in Edinburgh, venue TBC
Rehearsals will be Thursday 13 and Saturday 22 February
Performance will be Sunday 8 and Monday 9 March
Compensation: £200

Please contact sara@mwrc.org.uk by Wednesday 5 February with a CV and headshots/photos/showreel if you have them.
Please do get in touch if you have specific access requirements so we can accommodate you.
We will reimburse travel expenses within the Edinburgh area.

#YouCanChangeThis #VAWG #domesticabuse #iwd 
#internationalwomensday #iwd2020

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