Celebrating Women in Scotland for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, we are celebrating incredible women who we have had the pleasure of knowing. This is just a snippet of the diverse range of amazing women we have had the fortune to know.

Today, we celebrate all women, their achievements, and their awe-inspiring journeys. We are lucky to have had so many of these amazing women give their time in different capacities to Amina MWRC, and look forward to serving – and being served by – countless more over the years.

Shamala was involved with Amina MWRC right from the set up of its first office space. She also benefitted from its first counsellors in training course.

She now has her own private practice as a counsellor, and continues to work in the voluntary sector offering counselling for children and young people.

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Shazia’s moto is: Love what you do! 

Supporting volunteers & identifying their key strengths during her time at Amina MWRC motivated her to push them to believe in themselves & achieve their goals.
This in turn, gave her the desire to follow her own dreams.
She is now the Director of her own company/business – a beauty salon in Livingston.

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Lori used to work at Amina’s Dundee office, and believes that it pushed her through a journey to finding who she is and who she wants to be. It taught her the importance of using her voice to make herself heard. More importantly it awakened her to the privilege she has, and the responsibility to utilise that position as an ‘insider’ with the benefits of belonging, to challenge the system to be more inclusive of the voices all too easily labelled as ‘hard to reach’.

Amina taught her about the type of world she wants for her daughter, and she works hard to make the world a better place for her, and the millions just like her everyday.

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Fariha comes from a background in community development and race equality. For many years she worked as a Community Worker and Manager in Social Work and the voluntary sector. In 1992 she reverted to Islam.
She is a founding member of Amina MWRC, chairing its initial conference on Muslim Women in Glasgow City Chambers in 1995, and became its first employee – being appointed as Coordinator in 2002. She has remained involved in a range of roles since then including holding a number of positions on the Amina Board.

She found her time at Amina, especially in the early days, exciting and inspiring, meeting so many Muslim women from different backgrounds, all learning from and supporting each other to create this wonderful organisation. It has not always been easy, which helped her develop skills and confidence that helped her to pursue other avenues to achieve social justice and equality, including being elected as a Glasgow City Councillor between 2012 and 2017.

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Maryam worked for Amina MWRC at the Glasgow Office as a Volunteer & Befriending Coordiantor and undertook casework and worked on the helpline.
She witnessed how Amina MWRC was there for Muslim women in need and empowered them with knowledge and their rights, providing them with help and solace at every step.

Wanting to continue to contribute to positivity for Muslim women, she started a social media page to spread inspirational quotes. From there she became an agony aunt to Muslim girls, women and some men from across the world.

Last year she joined Amina’s Board.

She is also the author of children’s books focusing on topics such as self-love, relationships, hijab, women empowerment and children’s books.
Muslima Today

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Tanzeela became a Marriage Counsellor after her time at Amina MWRC and university. She had been involved with Amina MWRC for many years and has run personal development workshops in the Dundee office, and volunteered as marriage counsellor in the Glasgow office.

After going through various training courses, she eventually founded Muslimah Fuel. Currently she coaches women who want to improve their marriage, and also runs personal development workshops for organisations, mosques and individuals.
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Julia is currently doing my Masters in Global Crime, Justice and Security in Liverpool. She’s also the part-time BAME Officer in the student union where her aim is to voice the concerns, address the issues and improve the educational and social experiences of BAME students at the university.

She was involved with Amina’s Dundee office in the Violence against Women and Girl programme between 2018-2019, while she was working on her undergrad dissertation which looked at the support and services available to wartime rape and sexual violence victims in Scotland.

During her time at Amina her passion for women and girls rights and equality was reignited. She aspires to be amongst great women who are achieving great things while empowering and inspiring other women.

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