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Reclaim The Name


Here are 5 things you should know about the #ReclaimTheName campaign:

1) ReclaimTheName is about challenging stereotypes and changing perceptions

The aim of the campaign is to educate each other on the diversity in Muslim cultures and ways of life.

2) The campaign is about women reclaiming how they are defined by the world

All women are unique and individual. The campaign is working to empower all women to have their own voice and make it heard.

3) It is a pro campaign

This campaign is not about what it is like to be Muslim or experience Islamophobia, it is about Muslim women.
We hope to provide a platform where Muslim women can express their stories and illustrate their journeys to provide nuance and complexity to narratives that are associated with them.

4) Creativity is protest

We not only want to redefine disempowering messages about Muslim women, we want to support creative ways of getting those messages across.

5) Community participation is key to success

Nominate stand out women we may be missing out on and use the hashtag #ReclaimTheName to participate in our campaign.

You can watch our launch video here https://goo.gl/k7JrGc and keep up to date with the campaign on our social media


Community Champions (Monthly) – Highlighting members of the community who inspire others (either nomination or selected by development officers)

Instagram Takeovers (Monthly) – Encouraging women/orgs to use our platform to present their thoughts on an area of expertise or passion relating to the wellbeing of women in our communities.

Infographics and Statements – Key dates i.e. Black history month, Hate Crime Awareness Week, Elections and/or unplanned events are commented on and resources linked/produced.

Accessibility in Focus (every 6 months) – Content from community members/orgs to increase awareness about experiences of additional support needs and have their voices amplified where they may be otherwise excluded.


“Community Champions”

We’re looking to highlight Muslim women and BME women who fall under the following broad categories (below) in an effort to recognise and celebrate the various contributions of women to the fabric of Scottish society:

1) Women who have not been recognised for the time and energy they have given to their communities in Scotland

2) Women who have raised money, awareness or interest around important topics relating to Muslim women and BME women that has affected women in Scotland.
3) Women who are in positions of representation or could be seen as role models

The campaign is carefully considered to prevent worry over the evil eye or nazr being put on them for being highlighted in this way. No pictures of individuals will be used without consent.
Community Champions will be highlighted once a month and we will be looking for nominations after this month. If someone who isn’t on social media is nominated, then we create a postcard to be sent to either the nominee or the person who has nominated them. We won’t keep details other than name and date of postage once the card has been sent.

Anyone wishing to nominate a community champion, please contact info@mwrc.org.uk with the subject heading “Community champion”, message us on social media or call us on 0141 212 8420.