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Blog for Amina!

Would you like a chance to win a £40 voucher? Would you like to promote your blog? Please read on! We have an ongoing campaign within our ending Violence against Women programme called YouCanChangeThis which we would love for you to get involved in! YouCanChangeThis is a campaign encouraging everyone to play their part in ending violence against women […]

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HOPSCOTCH Film launch

A film by Roxana Vilk based on Nadine Aisha’s poem ‘Hopscotch’ What happens when you walk down the street…if you’re a young woman of colour…who may or may not wear a hijab? ‘Hopscotch’ produced by Amina – Muslim Women’s Resource Centre with support from Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, explores just that. A film poem based on the true account of […]

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Statement – Take Ownership Funding

Official statement – Take Ownership Funding Amina is a national organisation which annually works with 4000+ Muslim and Minority Ethnic women, providing a range of services and support across Scotland through our three office bases in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. We pride ourselves on putting the needs of Muslim women first and work tirelessly to […]

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PRESS RELEASE – Announcement: Spirit of Women

Amina – Muslim Women’s Resource Centre Receives Spirit of Women Grant  ‘My Big Beating Voice’ project to challenge gender norms and stereotypes Amina – Muslim Women’s Resource Centre (MWRC) is delighted to announce that it has been chosen to receive a Spirit of Women Changemakers small grant. Funding charity Spirit of 2012 (Spirit) created the […]

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National Muslim Women’s Organisation, Amina MWRC concerned by EU Court ban on the wearing of visible political or religious symbols in the workplace   Yesterday it was declared by The European Union Court of Justice that it is not “direct discrimination” to ban hijab in the workplace, the ban must be based on internal company […]

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Amina CEO will be joining the Clore Fellowship 2017

Clore Social Leadership launched their Social Leaders’ Capabilities Framework today as a leadership guide for the sector, alongside announcing the participants of their 2017 Fellowship programme. These 24 Fellows will be the first people trained using the new Framework which outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills emerging leaders need to become successful leaders.   ‘Today’s […]

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16 Days Of Activism

  The 16 Days of Activism The 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls fall between the 25th of November and the 10th of December. This year, the theme is ‘Orange the World’, to raise money for organisations working to support women and girls, and to challenge violence against them. Often, […]

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Liberty is for all, not just those who feel safe at night

The Reclaim the Night march has been defined as “marches, which protested the right of all women to have the freedom to go where they wanted without having to restrict their movements to accommodate the threat of sexual violence”.   The movement originated in the 1970s. Peter Sutcliffe was murdering women and this led to women […]

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KnoW More Muslims

‘Get the dirty p@ki b@st@rds’, he commanded now only inches away from the front of the car, looking straight at me with so much fury and hatred in his eyes. The fawn coloured pit bull was on my side, the driver’s side, and was furiously barking whilst scratching away at the door. The metal lead […]

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Let’s Not Cover This Up

Amina’s CEO discusses the recent events in France with the ban of the burqini.

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