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#YouCanChangeThis at University

By: Julia Ngadi As a student, I feel that violence against women and girls (VAWG) is widespread in universities, and those universities have not always acted effectively on this issue. In recent years female students have reported experiencing a variety of unwanted behaviour whilst at university from verbal and non-verbal harassment to serious physical/sexual assault. … Continue reading #YouCanChangeThis at University

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I did Accountancy – Do you want fries with that?

By: Farah Khan One day all of us get separated from one another, people get married, some move abroad and some pass away. Days, months, years pass, and our contact becomes rare. One day our children see the old photos or pick up an old valentine card and ask, ‘Who is this?’ And we smile … Continue reading I did Accountancy – Do you want fries with that?

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Dealing With A Bad Day

By: Mariam Naeem Let’s face it. We’ve all had tough days. Days so bad and stressful it leaves your mind aching and you feeling physical pains. I tend to suffer from chest pains and stomach aches due to stress and I’ll be honest, it isn’t pleasant. We all have these bumps in the road and … Continue reading Dealing With A Bad Day

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Success is Not a One Way Street

By: Kiran Dhanda Throughout my life I was led to believe that a successful individual is one who is able to attend university pretty much straight after high school, gets married after getting their graduation and begins a family.  However, I was never quite able to convince myself to reach any level of motivation to … Continue reading Success is Not a One Way Street

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Advancing my Career While Exploring the Globe

By: Ayesha Amin I’ve had the fortune of having what many globally would consider to be ‘good’ citizenship – I’m Canadian. For a variety of reasons, both chosen and situational, I spent much of my twenties living and working abroad. I lived in the USA as a teenager, then after my undergrad, I did an … Continue reading Advancing my Career While Exploring the Globe

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