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Calling all Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

By: Usman Majid Tell us a bit about Deenspiration and how this process came about? “Deenspiration basically came of the back of a project called Ramadan Legacy, which was an app that a team and I made together to help people perform worship in Ramadan. So the idea of creating a platform which is very … Continue reading Calling all Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

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Unleash your true potential

By: Farah Khan How many times have you heard someone complaining about their job? How many times have you heard someone fantasize about starting a business from home? Who wants to grow old full of regrets about their career choices? No one! Do you have what it takes to turn your hobby or passion into … Continue reading Unleash your true potential

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Volunteering…It will benefit you, trust me

By: Issmat Ahmad And…ACTION! In my few years of experience, I have realised one of many things – firstly that my passion won’t come to me if I just think hard enough (and believe me, I tried!) And two, discovering my potential will only surface from experimenting, and volunteering became the gateway for this to … Continue reading Volunteering…It will benefit you, trust me

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A journey into blogging

By: Faiza Yousaf My journey into blogging started through, what was at that time, a fairly traumatic event in my life.  The end of my marriage as a result of infidelity led me on a path to find others who had gone through a similar experience and who understood the emotional roller coaster I was … Continue reading A journey into blogging

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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, Zero Tolerance, AMINA The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, The Church of Scotland and Summerhall ask you to join us in our new campaign #AnyWomanAnywhere to increase awareness and understanding of violence against women. We’re hosting a series of events at Summerhall, including a photography exhibition, workshops, talks and … Continue reading #AnyWomanAnywhere

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