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Liberty is for all, not just those who feel safe at night

The Reclaim the Night march has been defined as “marches, which protested the right of all women to have the freedom to go where they wanted without having to restrict their movements to accommodate the threat of sexual violence”.   The movement originated in the 1970s. Peter Sutcliffe was murdering women and this led to women … Continue reading Liberty is for all, not just those who feel safe at night

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KnoW More Muslims

‘Get the dirty p@ki b@st@rds’, he commanded now only inches away from the front of the car, looking straight at me with so much fury and hatred in his eyes. The fawn coloured pit bull was on my side, the driver’s side, and was furiously barking whilst scratching away at the door. The metal lead … Continue reading KnoW More Muslims

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Let’s Not Cover This Up

Amina’s CEO discusses the recent events in France with the ban of the burqini.

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Traditionally Submissive

‘Traditionally Submissive’ women took to twitter on Sunday night to challenge the stereotypical view of Muslim women.

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