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Meaningful Action you Can Take

Commit to action to show your solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and anti-racism.  There are many ways you can do this: Show your support online – but be wary of overcrowding the streams with messages of support rather than using it to help amplify Black voices and share resources. ‘Clicktivism’ is a start, but should … Continue reading Meaningful Action you Can Take

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Black History in Scotland: The Slave Trade

It’s important that we learn about and acknowledge this history so that we can better understand where modern day anti-black racism stems from, and its impact on current race issues across Scotland.   Scotland was a major player in the Slave Trade and the country benefited greatly from it. Much of the country as it stands … Continue reading Black History in Scotland: The Slave Trade

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Know About Privilege

To understand oppression, we must understand its opposite – privilege.  Understanding what privilege means and its impact is essential to understand how those without privilege suffer systemically on a personal, institutional and structural level.  Consider some questions: 1) Do I often hear about the positive contributions people from my communities have made to science, art, media, … Continue reading Know About Privilege

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Women & Activism

We can’t claim liberation or gender equality for women if we don’t recognise and eradicate racism.  The Black Lives Matter movement was started by women – Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi – in response to institutional racism.  Many of the historic movements for women’s rights were started/led by Black women, whose names are … Continue reading Women & Activism

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Anti-Black Racism in the Muslim Community

Within Muslim communities there often exists a hierarchy, whereby some Muslim communities may be overlooked or forgotten. Often, this includes Black Muslim communities who face intersecting oppression by virtue of their race and their religion. Impacts of colonialism continue to have an effect not only on countries’ economies and governance, but on cultural and social … Continue reading Anti-Black Racism in the Muslim Community

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