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Telephone Befriending

The latest study by ONS places Britain as being the loneliness capital of Europe. Loneliness & Isolation has become a bigger threat than obesity. It is a growing problem that is now being backed by the UK government through the Jo Cox Commission on loneliness.

About Telephone Befriending

Our Telephone Befriending service aims to provide support to socially isolated BME or Muslim Women. Our trained telephone Befrienders provide emotional support through weekly conversation on the phone. Through time, this helps individuals to achieve greater independence and self-confidence.

Criteria for Telephone Befriending

  • Lacks a social support network
  • Has access to a telephone line & is comfortable having a 30min conversation on the phone
  • Feels lonely

The Process

Befriendees will be matched to a Telephone Befriending Volunteer who will provide a weekly 20/30 minute phone call at a time agreed (within helpline hours).  This over time helps to improve confidence and wellbeing of the individual involved.

Please fill in either our Direct Referral Form or Third Party Referral Form and send it back to us at befriending@mwrc.org.uk or call our Helpline and we can fill in the form for you.

Volunteering with the Helpline and Befriending

Would you like to give your time to the Helpline, or as a volunteer Befriender? Volunteering with Amina is a great way to develop your skills, make new friendships and give back to the community around you. If you’re interested in volunteering, click here.
The Helpline Team runs regular 2-day training so you can learn what being involved in the Helpline or with Befriending looks like and whether you’d like to get involved. The next training dates are: Monday the 1st of February and Tuesday the 2nd of February, 10AM to 4PM over Zoom. Head to the link above to register your interest.


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